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Quotes from The Three Battlegrounds by Francis Frangipane

" Your rebellion towards God provides a place for the devil in your life." " Satan feeds upon sin." A vital key to overcomming the devil is humility. " The strength of humility is that it builds a spiritual defense around your soul, prohibiting strife, competition, and many of life's irritations from stealing your peace." Remember, satan fears Virtue."

" We have a new nature which has been created in the likness of Christ." (Eph. 4:24)

" If the structure of the individual's thoughts has not been changed, his wrong attitude toward sin will welcome that spirit back."

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" Because of the Blood, Christ's sacrifice makes each of us as pure as He is Himself."

" Victory begins with the name of Jesus on our lips; but it will not be consummated until the nature of Jesus is in our hearts."

" Satan will not continue to assault you if the circumstances he designed to destroy you are now working to perfect you."

" It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus. A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God."

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